Tammy C.
Grand Rapids, MI 1/22/2016
Thank you so much for putting on the event at State st. What a great way to build community!
Ric C.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/22/2015
Your Maintenance is the fastest ever. Faster than Jimmy Johns!
Thomas C.
Grand Rapids, MI 2/18/2017
I currently still live in one of their properties. They are amazing to work with. They have great communication with their tenants and are all super sweet. The place is gorgeous. To have a luxurious apartment wit these views are my favorite part. If you are looking to move to Grand Rapids, you will want to check out LIVE DOWNTOWN GRAND RAPIDS. Love. Love. Love.
Vu N.
I can’t say enough good things about the LDGR team. They are wonderful people who literally work around the clock to provide their residents with the best experience possible. My application process was simple and straight forward. My move in was easy and quick. My stay so far has been SUPERB. Whether you want to live in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids or just near it, there’s no better place to start than here!
Max B.
Currently live in the new 20 Fulton east building and couldn't be happier with Live Downtown GR. The move in process was easy and organized. Whenever I have questions/concerns Lindsay is always very personal, professional, and makes sure my issue is taken care of. Also the pool is awesome.
Rochelle H.
I just moved in here about a month ago and have had nothing but wonderful experiences here so far! From the Managers (Lindsay and Kyle) to the Concierge (Alanna and Anna) and even maintenance, everyone is so friendly and helpful! There is not a single day that goes by that I don't get a "Hello! how is your day going?" or a "How is your apartment doing? Anything need attention?" Everything is done quickly with a smile and kindness! I am in love with my apartment and the location is perfect for ANYTHING (work, dinner, drinks, dancing, etc). You will NOT be disappointed if you are looking to move in here!
Anna I.
These apartments are beyond beautiful! The team paid attention to every detail within each building and it has paid off for the better! From the granite countertops to the spacious living areas, I feel right at home. Living downtown is such a breeze with Live Downtown Grand Rapids. The leasing girls are with you every step of the way even after you've moved in. Check them out if you need a snazzy place to call home within a reasonable price! Great job LDGR!
Beth P.
Grand Rapids, MI 10/30/2015
As a resident of LDGR and prior Heritage Hill property manager, I am exceptionally impressed with the prompt service, kindness, and extra mile that the maintenance team and property managers (Kayla & Lindsey) have given my family. Extra bonus- my rescue dog, Zane, loves when maintenance brings him a treat upon arrival! :)
Pam C.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/18/2015
I'm happy here, everyone is friendly. You guys are great!
Austin T.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/4/2015
Everything is great - the apartment is in an excellent location and it makes all of the commodities of downtown GR very convenient to experience.
Fred M.
Grand Rapids, MI 3/2/2016
Really appreciate all efforts by the maintenance crew keeping up with the snow removal after especially these past 2 storms.
Millicent S.
Grand Rapids, MI 8/1/2016
I just want to take the time to thank the entire staff at Live Downtown Grand Rapids for Always meeting my living needs. The building is well maintained by the wonderful maintenance staff and all the ladies in the office are always professional and very pleasant to work with. I know I have so many questions all the time, but no matter how annoying I may be everyone treats me with respect. I have truly enjoyed living in my apartment and I don't ever want to move out!!!! Thank you for making my downtown living comfortable and classy!!!!
Kristi P.
Grand Rapids, MI 5/20/2015
I have been living at 26 Cherry St. for 3 months now, and every day gets better and better. I didn't know if I would get sick of living downtown after a while, but I actually love it more each day. The apartment is beautiful, and the view is fantastic. Everything I love is within walking distance. No issues with other residents or management; everyone is friendly and respectable. I can't wait for all of the downtown events this summer.
Emily S.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/14/2016
Thank you so much for working hard to provide this wonderful living space. Mike and I have really enjoyed the past year spent here...Thank you!
Morgan & Adam
Grand Rapids, MI 8/15/2016
Courtney + the rest of Live Downtown Grand Rapids, Thank you all so much for all of the assistance you’ve all given us during this process! We are loving our new home in this new city. Courtney was wonderful! Thank you again.
Mary Jo R.
Grand Rapids, MI 10/18/2016
345 State Street was a great place to live! Great Location. The building is very safe and secure, good quality and nice finishes. The washer/dryer in unit is wonderful. Very few service calls were needed during our 15 month stay, but when we did need help service was there promptly. Staff is friendly and responsive. Nice choices of apartment sponsored activities provides opportunities to meet neighbors. It was perfect for our transition to Grand Rapids!
Courtney W.
Moving into Live Downtown Grand Rapids was the best decision I made! Being able to walk to and from work, along with the nightlife, I am never bored or hungry. All my friends and family LOVE my apartment, and my cats love the views! The management team and the maintenance team are always available to help with questions or when I need anything fixed in my apartment. I would recommend Live Downtown Grand Rapids for anyone who wants to experience downtown living!
Heather V.
Grand Rapids, MI 2/14/2015
I can say nothing but good things about my experience renting an apartment through Live Downtown GR! From start to finish, I found their service to be very helpful and thorough and I am absolutely in love with my apartment! They do offer Tax credit housing, which is a type of income restricted housing which does require more time upfront to be approved for an apartment, but it is more than worth it for the type of apartment you can get. I live at their 834 Lake drive property and I love the location, building, and apartment! I pay my rent on time and uphold the lease and so I have found everything to be very smooth and have not received any extra fees that another review mentions. The ladies in the office are very helpful and the maintenance guys are extremely friendly. The rent is less than you would pay elsewhere for the finishes (granite and real hardwood floors!) and the maintenance service is top notch-- I placed a work request and it was taken care of that same hour! I would highly recommend them if you want a high quality apartment for a decent price right downtown! You can't go wrong!
Tom H.
Our daughter moved into 20 Fulton East and we cannot say enough about the professional staff every step of the way. It seemed like every need was anticipated and planned for. From the extra help while moving in, the friendly security guards, to fixing the few issues with the new apartment in one day. Nothing but class the whole way!! Thanks for everything.
Shonta F.
Grand Rapids, MI 5/26/2017
In one word to describe my experience with Live Downtown GrandRapids is "Fantastic" Courtney did amazing job finding me the perfect place to call home! The Live Downtown Grandrapids Team is absolutely amazing and will help with anything you need help with. I'm truly bless to have found amazing people who really care about finding the perfect home for me. Thank You so much Live Downtown Grandrapids Team.
Pasha S.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/3/2015
Every time I’ve ever asked for maintenance service at 834 Lake drive, I’ve been met with kindness and punctuality. Even when I’ve experienced personal failings, like my car battery dying because I wasn’t careful with my headlights, I was assisted with care and compassion by a maintenance professional who was on site at the time. My requests are handled very quickly after they’ve been made, and it makes for an incredibly satisfying experience.
Lauren S.
I have nothing but amazing things to say about this leasing group! The people have been so helpful and welcoming. They have gone above and beyond for us over and over. I highly recommend renting through them.
Shonta F.
Grand Rapids 5/13/2017
In one word to describe my experience with Live Downtown GrandRapids is "Fantastic" Courtney did amazing job finding me the perfect place to call home! The Live Downtown Grandrapids Team is absolutely amazing and will help with anything you need help with. I'm truly bless to have found amazing people who really care about finding the perfect home for me. Thank You so much Live Downtown Grandrapids Team.
Sean S.
Natasha and the rest of the staff communicated well with my girlfriend and I throughout the process. Initially we didn't qualify for one of the properties, but Natasha helped us find a property that fit our criteria and salary. We are now in the process of moving in and we couldn't be happier!
Sydney T.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/27/2016
Loved Loved Loved it! I was a resident for two years and I have to say both my apartments were beautiful. First I lived downtown and the moved to Heritage Hill during that time the staff in the leasing office always made sure my needs came first. They listened to me and answered any questions I had. My calls were answered back promptly. Professional and courteous! Live Downtown was not just a place I rented but a place I called HOME. Warmest wishes to the Leasing Office and to future tenants!
Gail P.
Grand Rapids, MI 8/31/2016
At 6:45 PM, I spotted Andrew in the lobby. He willing listen to my concerns regarding my thermostat (not cooling) - I was not sure if I was not programming it right or I needed a work order. I was simply hoping he would verbally give me a few tips to see if it was human error or a tech issue. But he extended his long day. He arrived at 7:00 PM and within seconds, he was able to determine it was a tech issue as well as give me a few pointers on programming it. I spent 45 minutes the other night looking at various YouTube videos - still Greek to me ? A big ' thank you ' goes to Andrew!
Lindsey H.
Grand Rapids, MI 9/4/2015
I have lived at 26 Cherry for almost a year now and have never been happier in an apartment. The actual property is absolutely beautiful and the staff always, always goes above and beyond. They never make you feel like you're just a resident, more like a really good friend. If you ever have a problem, I would recommend Cayla and Stephanie! All of the girls (and gentlemen in maintenance) are wonderful, but these two girls are the ones I've worked with the most. As for hearing other residents, you're going to have that anywhere in an apartment building, but it's not too bad. And most everyone tries to be courteous. I would most definitely recommend living at 26 cherry!
Ryan A.
Grand Rapids, MI 2/15/2017
I have lived in two different apartments with this company and the experience has been exemplary. The office staff has always been warm, kind, attentive and quick to respond to any question or concern. Whenever I had a maintenance request (of which there have been few), the friendly maintenance staff always responds promptly. The apartments are beautiful inside, and the amenities are fantastic. If you're looking to live downtown, then this should be your first stop. I wouldn't live anywhere else.
Jordan P.
Location was great and the apartments were brand new. Very safe and clean. No complaints but watch where you park on the street. My car was hit & run, then broken into 2 weeks later.
Julio O. & Patricia V.
Grand Rapids, MI 4/17/2016
Thank you so much for everything. It was great to live here and have you and the team helping us for the past 1 year and half.
Mychal & Kimberly
Grand Rapids, MI 8/11/2016
Dear Maintenance Superheros: Thank you for changing our air filter today! Mychal has had a very difficult summer with his allergies, and he stopped sneezing as soon as the filter was changed. I wish we’d thought to ask you about it sooner. Thanks for all you do here. We feel safer and happier knowing you guys are around.
Beau R.
I moved into 240 Ionia in May, and I have loved every second of my downtown living experience. The team at Live Downtown Grand Rapids has been wonderful and easy to work with. I can't say enough about how amazing the apartment is. The amenities are excellent and the view is amazing. Don't listen to the haters; ask questions and read details rather than complaining after you didn't do your due diligence. Would highly recommend to everyone!
Raven S.
Every time I come home, I know I made the right decision. The first attraction was the quality of workmanship and pride in the building. However, once you meet the staff and the team, you feel like family. They know you by name. There is something very nostalgic about being able to come home, and have someone always at the concierge to greet you on a personal level, to have coffee waiting for you, to walk out your door to any music event, museums, festival, shopping all within a block or two. The amenities make you feel like you are at the Ritz Carlton. There is definitely a sense of pride living here. This is the perfect blend of Michigan charm meets sophisticated city living.
Tara B.
Grand Rapids, MI 8/31/2015
Thank you Courtney, Stephanie (x2) for making my move wonderful! Everything from the first contact to the guys maintaining the property have exceeded any expectation. So excited to have a clean environment for the next year of my life! Thank you!
Ken S.
Grand Rapids MI 11/3/2015
Living at 205 S. Division the past 2 years has been enjoyable and pleasant. The ladies in the leasing office are always helpful and the maintenance guys are attentive to any and all issues. I don't think I could have chosen a better or safer place for my son and I to live!
Mark & Carrie
Grand Rapids, MI 3/29/2016
We just moved into one of the Live Downtown Grand Rapids buildings, which is really sweet. Highly suggest them for any person trying to live in town making a living as an artist.
Sherry R.
The building accommodations at 20 Fulton East are incredible. Gorgeous, upscale amenities and stylish features. The management team has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome after relocating to Grand Rapids. Thank you Lindsay, Kelsie and Alana!
Hannah B.
I just moved in the Serrano Lofts and absolutely LOVE it! I am thrilled with the staff at Live Downtown Grand Rapids helping me through the process. Very friendly and helpful.
David A.
Grand Rapids, MI 3/25/2017
Thank you!!!!!! My wife and I and both appreciate very much the hard work of both the management and maintenance teams. You are always very prompt and thorough and it makes our life here very pleasant. THANK YOU again
Matthew M.
Grand Rapids, MI 2/16/2017
I have lived at 26 Cherry, one of Live Downtown GR's great locations, for about 2 years now, and I never want to leave. The Live Downtown Team has been a pleasure to work with, and they have exceeded my expectations while taking care of me. The facilities are always clean and look sharp too. If you are looking for that "downtown atmosphere" that Grand Rapids has to offer, Live Downtown is the place to be.
David A.
Grand Rapids, MI 10/30/2015
I just wanted to thank the management team as well as the maintenance team for the excellent work that has been done to resolve the last service request. Your prompt response and excellent work has been VERY much appreciated! The team was VERY polite and gracious and always did their best to respect our home and clean up after themselves. Again both my wife and I thank you all very much.
Austin S.
Entire complex is state of the art and comfortably designed. 4th floor amenity deck features great lounging areas and a relaxing pool. I got a chance to try out 18 holes on the golf simulator, and it was absolutely incredible. It is the same simulator that pros like Jordan Spieth and Jason Day use, and I can see why. It is incredibly interactive and gives feedback on every stat the avid golfer could want. Great perk for living here.
Pasha S.
Grand Rapids, MI 2/15/2017
The staff at Live Downtown Grand Rapids are so accommodating! Any service request I've made for my apartment has been attended to within 48 hours. The property is kept clean and well maintained, and I always feel safe and welcome. I've never had a problem with a neighbor. They are all so friendly! I highly recommend 834 Lake. It's nestled right in the Cherry Hill District, and is basically a stone's throw from both Eastown and Downtown.
Jeff M.
Grand Rapids, MI 3/20/2015
I moved into the 240 Ionia building in September 2014. From the moment I moved in, I have been extremely happy with everything. The apartment building itself is very nice, and my individual apartment is incredible. The most satisfying part of my experience has been the quality of attention I've had from the leasing office and the maintenance crew. In past living situations, it was miserable to get any help with ANYTHING. I have been blown away with the work that the leasing office and the property maintenance crew has provided me any time I had an issue. Bottom Line: every person I've come in contact with has been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional. I would be happy living here for a LONG TIME!
Corey D.
Great experience with LDGR. Courtney was the leasing agent who helped us through the entire process, she made it very simple and did basically all of the heavy lifting for us including sorting out alot of paperwork that was messed up by our employers. We actually were trying to move into Serrano Lofts but when that fell thru when another couple beat us to the punch, they found us an even nicier place to stay at 26 Cherry within 24 hours. The apt is beautiful and enormous. Is a head turner for family and friends. Friendly staff, Randy the maintenance manager looks intimidating at first lol but is the most friendly guy I've met. Promptly handles any maintenance issues and always has a second to stop and chat with the residents. Lots of parks near by, pet friendly. Its expensive but the price of rent is warranted and worth it. Most importantly to me there was great customer service. In Grand rapids it is hard to find good customer service in general. I personally have a hard time getting hood customer service because I am a young mixed man with some tattoos although I am a young professional, but I was given just as good service as anyone else. This is important to the black community incliding myself especially now days so thank you for the good service and helping find a gorgeous home.
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